The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


Chris Messina

Creator / Artist / Co-writer

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been into comic book superheroes. I was hooked from the day I received my first Batman action figure at the age of six. You know, the old school one. The 16" figure with the grey blue spandex suit and big plastic yellow belt. Like most people, I went though my phases of Spiderman and the Hulk, but I always seem to find my self gravitating back to the hero vigilantes that didn’t rely on super powers to get the job done.

The Landscaper comics were spawned out of my own frustrations with similar situations that main character Daniel is faced with. So I figured, instead of acting out my frustration and facing either going to jail – or – being deported, I would express my self devised resolution in the form of a online comic series. I've always wanted to get into writing and illustrating comic books, but I never really had an idea to work with.

Ironically, the character of the Landscaper began as a joke between myself and some friends. The basic premise of taking matter into your own hands with items you would get at a hardware store or work shed. More of a low level version of the Punisher or Batman, but without the vast resources at your disposal. Dan has to use what he has available. This led to some pretty cool weapon choices. Of course based on his knowledge of welding and engineering, he could pretty much modify anything he could get his hands on – The MacGyver of vigilantes if you will.

I hope you enjoy my journey into this character as much as I’ve enjoyed creating him.