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I almost forgot..


I almost forgot..

By Ruxton on February 07, 2012 21:52

The Landscaper is a small team of like minded insanity merchants who pool ideas to bring you a great comic, I'm one of those merchants; Some of you know who I am. I generally sit back here quietly making sure The Landscaper Comic is alive on the internet, thats my job and I do it well.  Today I had to step out of the darkness, because it's someones birthday.

Whilst we're a team and many have contributed over the time, none of this would be possible without the dedication of one of us; One of us lives and breathes The Landscaper.  Today it's that one man's birthday, I'm not quite sure how old he's gotten (I actually do know!), but he doesn't show whatever that number is.

So endulge me for a moment, while I take a selfish moment, to say Happy Birthday to the one of us that lives and breathes The Landscaper so that all of us can enjoy it, Chris.

We're into the 4th issue, it feels like only yesterday we started this thing. Here's to 10 more.


  1. Wessick
    Hell yes... Happy Birthday Chris!... Party hard and enjoy every moment.
  2. Wessick
    At least... I hope I was right on that... reread the post... and now I am unsure. Dang your cryptic messages.
  3. chris
    Thanks Rux, much appreciated for the post! You forgot eats :)
  4. chris
    Thanks Wessick - Was a great day of celebrating in the creation of me - or something like that :)
  5. Karen
    Happy Birthday!
  6. chris
    Thanks Karen :) Looks like Rux is breaking the fourth wall here.