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Issue 4 update Oct 5th


Issue 4 update Oct 5th

By chris on October 05, 2011 08:39

Ok, I know what you're saying....You've seen enough of these preemptive update things already. To be completely honest, so have I. However, I still feel it's important to keep you posted on the developments of the current issue...and to answer the real question:"WHAT'S THE HOLD UP!!?" At this stage we're pretty much ready to go. The pages are done, and everything is on track to get this thing moving again. The reason for the delay is - we're currently moving the comic to another comic engine. Basically transferring the site and content to another custom engine. When this is finished we'll be ready to roll out with the LS issue #4. Sorry again for the delay. Sometimes you can't control everything - even if you want to drive a flaming nail through it!! Sometimes, you just need to play the waiting game. Not long now. I'll keep you posted with another lame update soon. c- Onward!!!


  1. Karen
    Hey, just wanted to be sure that you're still alive and wonder how that engine transfer is going. :)
  2. chris
    Hey Karen, still very much alive. The transfer is going well, but just ran into a few unforeseen delays. Shouldn't be much longer. Believe me, no one is more eager to get this thing rolling again than me.