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By chris on May 05, 2013 20:12

It's that time of year again Scapers, SupaNova 2013 is upon us!

I'm looking to put another order in for Landscaper tee shirts (see below) Before doing so, I just wanted to put the call out again to see who might be interested in getting a LS tee. At the moment I'm aiming for them to still be around $20 each wich you can pay through the site donation link. Of course there would be an additional fee for posting, but we can sqaure that away when the time comes. PLEASE COMMENT on this post if you're interested. A simple Yup or *HELL YEAH* will suffice. I'll then tally the interest, and take that into consideration when placing my order for for the SupaNova comic convention. These will be available online direct from the site. *Remember, any support shown to the comic goes back into the comic - and helps keep this "crazy train" a running...or burning. It's time to wear your Scaper colors proud! In other words... BRAND yourself with a little Scaper RAGE!!! Ok, I leave it with you. C- 


  1. chris
    I'll be putting the order in shortly so please let me know if you're interested in getting a tee. Thanks c-