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Tough Choices!


Tough Choices!

By chris on February 21, 2012 09:29

Much like the character Daniel in the LS comic, I too have to make some hard choices. I've been wrestling with this particular one for a couple of weeks now. Of course, every choice comes with its own consequences. That choice being ... do I continue the comic? My life has changed considerably over the past few years. With those changes, my schedule and availability to work on the comic has changed as well. This has become much more apparent these past few months - as I seem to be under the gun a lot more than in previous issues, and I've attributed that to the lack of drawing time available to me to complete a weekly page. So my options stood as; End the comic here :( - or - change the posting schedule to bi-weekly and see how I go. I never thought I would ever have to consider whether or not to continue the comic at all, and I didn't like having to make this choice. This comic has become a part of me. For those who've spoken to me on SC or know me at all - then you know how much I love doing this comic, and how much I would fight to keep it going (flaming nail gun in hand.) Like Rux said;” I eat, sleep, and breathe the LS" - especially in my head. So I've come to a decision. I can't end the comic here. There's still so much to be done - to be told - and to be honest, SOOO much more ass to be kicked. For myself and other memebers of the LS Trust this comic is our voice of reason, our place of peace and the best creative outlet we could ever ask for. Also, speaking with you all and hearing your experience with the comic has truly been the highlight of doing the LS by far. I don't want to feel like I'm always behind the 8ball anymore. I want to enjoy it again.  I've learned, in the end - it's not the weekly page that matters so much - it's finishing the issue. People sometimes read the LS by saving up pages then coming back to read a few at a time. Others wait to the conclusion of the issue before catching up on the latest LS story. So that's the decision I've made. Counting from this latest page #13 which will be posted next Thurs, and from now on, I will be posting a new page every two weeks. If I'm able to get a page done early, I'll post it early, but this will be the new schedule until the arrival of my clones. I thank you once again for all your continued support of the comic - and hope you continue to follow us regardless of change. There's still much to be told - and it's not a race....It doesn't matter what place we come in, all that matters is that we finish what we started. I get that now - and we're not done yet!  With Fire! c-





  1. Karen
    That's really admirable of you--you could just easily say, "meh, no time to do it, bye bye," and leave us hanging, but you're actually going to continue, and with the same quality of work as before. Thank you so much! I've seen plenty of other webcomics that were awesome, but just quit without giving their viewers a heads up, or worse yet, degrade the art work to get updating out on time. *shudders* Thanks for the heads up, Chris. Hope to see more of the Landscaper in the future!
  2. chris
    Thanks so much Karen, I really appreciate it! It wasn't an easy decision, as I was pretty proud with the fact I was able to keep up a weekly posting schedule for almost 4 years - 3.2 issues and 150 comic pages. It wasn't always easy, but to know that I'm not making my readers wait for a comic update, gave me a real sense of pride. I always knew this day would come. The day were everything shifts and you need to roll with it the best you can. The decision to continue with the comic wasn't a hard one - as it really wasn't an option to quit...not on my watch buddy. But having to extend the posting schedule kind of sucked - as I know some readers would be slightly disappointed having to wait another week for an update. Although, in theory, it's better than just a random update here or there. Hopefully - if things go well, I will be able to get pages done early and will try to post them as they are completed. The beginning of an issue is always the hardest part of the road in my experience. I think once we're in deep into the issue, we'll start rolling like nothing has changed. Thanks again for the kind words - it means a lot. :) Don't worry - more LS is can bank on that - and then set the bank on fire! c-
  3. Wessick
    Take as long as ya need chief, the greatest art often is the kind that is worked on with heart and soul... not the kind that is mass produced and quick. We will still be here.
  4. chris
    Thanks Wessick! I couldn't agree more. Hopefully this will allow me to continue as before - there's still so much story to tell ;)
  5. utlerior
    Hello, I haven't been by scaperchat recently, but thanks for the excellent work you've put into creating this work of art. I don't need to tell you that it is worth it, because I can tell from how much work goes into it; I want to. It was worth it, and well appreciated. Like I said before, when are you going to start printing this? I want to buy a beautiful hardback for my coffee table and smell the ink while drifting off into a landscaper-furnished dream world. Remember getting a new comic when you were a kid, the first time you went to a comic store, and looking at everything, before finally settling on the newest issue of an old favorite? That is how I think of LS. Theres a reason why I subscribe to it. It takes me back. Thanks, ulterior
  6. chris
    Thanks utlerior! It's awesome to hear the comic gives you those same nostalgic feelings. I can't tell you enough how much I would like to print the comic at some stage - maybe once the 4th issue concludes, I might look at putting something together like a graphic novel combining all 4 issues with additional material. You will be the first to know when these book are in production. Thank you again for the kind word, it absolutely validates all the work we've put into it over the years - and helps keep the fire going to continue the story arc to completion. Hope to see you back on the board and chat soon. All the best. C-