The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Melonie
    Wow, this is amazing! I love the art style, and the story is fantastic. I'm in the process of making my own webcomic, and I was just curious to know how this one has been going for you. Is this completely non profit or are you getting any money out of it? Do you have another job, and how do you find time for this? I need as much advice as possible. :p
  2. Chris M
    Hey Melonie, I'm really glad you like the comic. It's great to hear that people appreciate all the hard work that goes into make it. The comic has been going really well...thus far. Of course you're going to have your good days and your bad days. The days where you sit down to a bunch of blank panels, and everything you put on it doesn't seem to look right. It's these days that you really need to fight through to make the page work. Then you can say, Ok...I've won one more battle this week. That's awesome that you're doing your own webcomic, please let me know when you have it up, I would love to take a look at it. No I don't make any money from the comic. We all do it cause we really like comics, and developing a story. There's a real sense of pride creating your own story and set of characters, then seeing them both grow as you develop them. I do have another full time job as a design manager for a web design company. I work on the comic during my lunch break. I get an hour break for lunch, so after I cram in some food, I get right into it. It's a little bit pressure to try to get a page finished each week for a Thursday post, but once you get into a routine it gets easier. The best advice I can give you is follow through. When you start the comic keep going till you're finished. There will be many times where you'll ask yourself why am I doing this? Is anyone even reading it? The main thing is do it for yourself, and if people like's just a bonus. You need to find a process that works for you. I like to work in Illustrator first, I do all the art with a mouse. I know, I should use tablet, but I just feel more comfortable with a mouse. Then I bring the art into Photoshop to do dialogue boxes and SFX. The Landscaper team consists of myself a writer, and an editor. I also have a few other friends which we call The Trust, that throw in ideas and feedback. It's important to have a good support group. It helps with those days you have a mental block, or just need to see things through different eyes. Well, I hope that helps you a little. This is all still pretty new for me as well, but it's great to know that people like your work. I really hope you continue to read the comic, and sending us feedback. Again send me the link to your webcomic when it's finished. Good luck. Chris.
  3. Melonie
    Wow, that's a great response, thanks so much! I really feel more inspired to continue, and I will definitely keep you updated with how it is coming along, and whenever I stumble upon some hard times, I'll be sure to ask you for some advice as well. :) I'm also absolutely amazed that you do your art with a mouse, that is unbelievable! You are so talented! I will definitely continue to read your comic, it is absolutely amazing so far, and I know it will continue to be as well. :)