The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Chris M
    Hey guys, page 35 will be posted tomorrow Friday the 8th. Sorry, had a little trouble getting this page finished for today. Thanks, c-
  2. InsiDoubt
    Just started reading your comic today, and I have to say, it's AMAZING. I really like the art style and the personalities of the characters I also like how whevever Caleb gets his ass beat, he turns into a "kid" in his own eyes.
  3. chris
    Hey InsiDoubt! Welcome to the LS comic. That's great to hear you're enjoying the read and the personalities of the characters. Hopefully by the time I write this, you may be all caught up on our little adventure and waiting for the next page of Issue 4 to be posted this week. Caleb is an interesting character. He uses societies idea of the the term "kid" to his advantage. Mostly at this point to play on Dan's moral code...if he has one. Little does he know Dan has his own little internal struggle taking place. It's the moral conflict of the term "kid" and the so called "kids" actions which makes the internal battle a little more interesting. Thanks again for joining us, and hope you enjoy the the rest of the ride we have in store. c-