The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. chris
    I'd like to take this opportunity to thanks all our readers of The Landscaper. Thanks for all your support, and for joining us on this journey. We hope you've enjoyed this ride as much as we have enjoyed writing and illustrating it. This wraps up Issue 2 No Rest. We are currently brainstorming for Issue 3, so look for the 3rd installment of the LS coming soon... I'll keep you posted on a release date. Until then, I'm going to open up the blog section on the site. Here I will talk a little about the experience of creating the Landscaper, and how it's story developed throughout the two issues. Feel free to pop in the blog - and leave your feedback, comments, and what you might like to see in future issues of the comic. Your feedback is always appreciated...after all we created this thing for people to read and enjoy.....Thanks again for all your support over this past's much appreciated. Also feel free to become a fan on our LS Facebook page. Please leave comments, concept / story ideas, or just general feedback at: Thanx, Chris Messina.
  2. Karen
    Oh how TV seems to be sentient sometimes... Nice way to end the chapter, too!
  3. chris
    Thanks Karen, I'm happy to hear you liked the way we wrapped up the issue. It began with Jimmy in issue one, it was only fitting to end with Jimmy in this issue. Plus, I liked the way Jimmy the LS mocks Daniel - and how the idea of DIY Landscaping mirrors the idea of home grown a twisted sort of way. Although the two results are quite varied. Also, I think Jimmy's speech subconsciously makes Dan aware of how little he really changed, and in some ways made things worse. Plus the fact Dan was a puppet through the entire issue probably stung as well. I just wish Dan would give himself another two seconds to think before he smashes his stuff. His damage bill in this issue alone, will probably set him back a few pay checks...hehe. Again thanks for reading the comics, and for all your great feedback and support. I hope you will join us again for issue 3, to find out what we have in store for our lovable cast of characters. C-
  4. David
    Great chapter! Coming to the site every Thursday was the height of my work week. I was stoked to see what The Landscaper was going to be up to every week. Keep up the good work. I am excited to how the Captain will deal with this vigilante.
  5. darrellsan3000
    Really great work. I read all of it and I'm hooked.
  6. Sam152
    Wow, this was a great way to end the issue. However, when you say that the speech makes Dan realize how little he is done, he has actually achieved quite a bit. I mean, he did beat the shit out of Caleb and raged him enough to make him cut off Norths finger. This in turn has probably allowed the police to take some "special measures" against him (some sort of Juvenile prison or something) which would ultimately achieve what Dan set out to do. Again, awesome issue. Keep up the hard work.
  7. chris
    Thanks for all the great feedback guys. David, I'm so psyched to hear that reading the comic was the height of your work week, I can't tell you what a great compliment that is to the LS team. darrellsan3000, welcome to the LS world. That's awesome you were able to read the two issues after they were finished. This way you could read cover to cover of both issues and be caught up on the story in one sitting. Just to let all the readers know, I've installed some software which allows me to see the hits we get on the comic and what pages people are reading in real-time. It also allows me to start a live chat conversation of with readers. So if you see a little box pop up on the comic page...don't be alarmed... It's just me. It would be great to get some real time feedback on the comic, so I might use this tool from time to time. Haven't had a chance to sit down and write anything for the blog, but it's on my list. Once again thanks for all the great feedback guys. I'm so pumped you liked the two issues thus far. Don't worry....more LS is on the way. C-
  8. chris
    Sam, you make a really good point. Dan did put Caleb in a position where he had to make a choice, and in turn put himself in a situation were the law could take some action. Although, we all know the law in Karillion City isn't as forth coming as people would like believe. You're right though, I think that was Dan's ultimate decision in the end, after battling with the LS persona was ; He didn't need to destroy these kids...but could pull them out of the dark - into a place where they would make their own mistakes to convict themselves. However, there could possibly be deeper underlying reasons for how this all turned out. Sam, thanks again for all the great feedback, and I'm glad you liked the way the we wrapped up this issue. I really liked this issue a lot. I felt it tied everything up from the two issue, as well as gave us a few different avenues to take the next one. Again I would love to get everyone's feedback as were they would like to see future issues go - in terms of story arcs, and development of the characters. Thanks again guys. C-
  9. Dirge
    Hey guys, you have done some amazing work with this issue, cannot wait for the 3rd installment! Keep up all your fantastic work!
  10. chris
    Thanks Dirge, It's great to hear you liked the issue. I'll keep everyone posted on the progression of issue 3, so keep checking back to find out more info. Thanks again for your feedback. c-
  11. Iskandar
    I feel like I should come on here and offer my thanks to all those that jumped on board and kept reading "The Landscaper" every week. I should thank you all for the support and the feedback whether good or not, the thing that really excited myself and I'm sure Chris was the fact people were getting enjoyment out of coming and reading our creations. Our completely original ideas composed from our lives and minds, its just really rewarding to know that we have some sort of formula that is working and keeping people interested. Chris is throwing up some great insight into the formation of LS in the blog section, and I'm building a message board to attach to this website, which I guess would give us all an opportunity to talk, discuss ideas, and more. We could just engage in random banter, throw up our own personal projects or geek out to comic book discussions. I think it would be a good move to give people a place to come and chat about LS. I'll post the link up .... or Chris will real soon! Thanks Again! And keep coming back to check out updates on issue #3 and the blog. We have some great ideas brewing! Isk.
  12. chris
    Just a quick update on issue 3. We are currently setting up our first major brainstorming session in the next week or so. Myself, Iskandar and other members of the LS trust, will have our much anticipated "beer night." This night will consist of (you guessed it) beer, as well as hashing out the 3rd installment of LS series. We already have some basic idea of directions we would like the story to go, but we find when you bring a bunch of people together to discuss the comic - you usually find new and exciting developments will come out of such talks. I've also began working on concept art for the 3rd issues cover, which will be posted on the issues page soon. I will do my best to continue with the blog postings for the first two issues, hopefully some of our readers are finding some interest in these posts. I've found for myself, it's interesting to go back and write about some of the first developments of the Landscaper, and how it all came to be. It's also great to see the progression between issue 1 & 2. Not only in the art and style, but in the story arc and character development as well. It only leads me to believe that the 3rd issue will continue this progression. Ok - that's it for now. keep checking back for new updates, and please continue to send us your feedback. Thanks again, c-
  13. Shin
    Yeh...Landscaper kicks ass.
  14. Quitarias
    This is awesome. Truly a great story and in no small part due to the fact that I also prefer a vigilante hero. The moral dilemmas the self doubt and hate of the protagonist.... Damn I want to read more of this. If I ever see this in print I know what I'm buying.
  15. chris
    Thanks Quitarias, that's awesome to hear. I will keep you posted on the development of issue 3. Yeah, we were really excited to watch the story unfold in issue 2, and have some great developments brewing for the third one. We've tossed around the idea back and forth about putting the LS into print, but feel it works well as a digital comic at the moment. I'm sure the discussion will come up again, I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for reading our comic, and for your great feedback. I'll do my best to add some interesting things to the blog, as we prepare for issue 3, so keep checking that section for any new updates. c-
  16. vektorx
    wow nice work, this is one of the first online comic si stumbled across while browsing the net for some online content. Beutiful style and i love all the extreme lighting and mood setting. Only real complaint is in some of the story, the biggest problem I had was with the way North just jumped to the conclusion it was Daniel, i would have liked to see the way he figured it out extended more rather than leaving it all upto the reader to assume he just is a mega smart cop who sees goggles and a mask and assumes its a welder? I mean the nail gun would have thrown him off a little right? The other thing i wish was a little more drawn out was the design for the landscaper and how he came across it, though I can appreciate the birth of a hero is hard to do without cliche'ing it. maybe if he had seen the symbol vaguely in the blood, then a shot of his toolshed and his goggles, mask and sheers jsut happen to be racked up mirroring the landscaper image... like a symbol that its fate? As for the comic as a whole, favourite bit is easily when North throws the molotov's into the house and Daniel starts to bolt, that for me was an awesome idea and revealing of Norths true character. cant wait to see wot u do with Daniel now? If he is on the run from the law now how will he make a living? Maybe he could prey of his victims like a "Robin Hood". What ever u guys do I'm sure it will be well done! VeKtor with a K!
  17. chris
    Hey VeKtor, thanks heaps for the great feedback. I'm so happy to see people taking the time out to say what we really liked about the comic, as well as suggestions for things that could have worked better. Hopefully after reading the second issue you may have discovered some new things that might shed a little light on how North knew it was Daniel in the first few pages of the 2nd issue. North set Dan up from the beginning. He used Dan's situation against him, and wanted to see if Dan would take the law into his own hands. I think North was just expecting Danny to go to the house, kick the door down and start cracking skulls, which would still put Daniel behind the eight ball. However, I don't think North expected Dan to suit up, modified nail guns and bring other engineering goodies. That's why North had so much confidence in first initial phone call, although I don't think he realized how unstable this seed vigilante would be in the end. I do agree, it might have been better to extend both North's development of the Seed project, as well as Dan's transformation into the LS. Time is never our friend on these weekly posting schedules, and I would have loved to have spent more time extending these ideas, as they are both my favorite conceptual story arcs in the comic. Issue one does have a lot of sections that did seem rushed. One of those sections was the development of the character. The blood symbol tie in was a bit of a stretch, but I also wanted thing to happen quickly as if someone in a rage doesn't think straight and can visualize things differently than a rational person - hence the development of the symbol by seeing object laid on the table. Although, I love your idea of the racked tool -as hanging tools would make it easier to tie in the objects and the creation of logo better. I would've liked to have extended that scene out a few more pages, to really help identify the character more, his slip into madness and creation of this character from basically misinterpreting what was being said on a TV program. Yeah, I really liked when North threw the bag into the house as well. It was a lot of fun to draw, and Isk's dialogue only helped show us that North may not be what he seems. In the first draft of the issue - Dan was already out of the house watching from the hill when North throws the bag in, but this worked so much better for the story and development of the characters. Plus - it was a pretty kick ass way to end the issue! I might re-do issue one in the future, which will allow me to fill in some of the gaps, and apply some of the great feedback supplied by yourself and other readers. I also feel the visual style developed throughout the issue 2 began to find the visual voice I was looking for. I'm really glad to hear your enjoyed reading the comic, and we have some pretty cool things in the works for issue 3, so make sure to check back to find out on our progression of the latest installment of the LS. We might be able to incorporate a little more information with North and his Seed project, which could shed some more light on his actions in issue 2. Thanks again for the great feedback - and I'll keep you posted on the development of issue 3. Our first brainstorming meeting is this Friday, so I will bring in all feedback to get some ideas going. Thanx again - c-
  18. Mr. A
    Hmm, it's an interesting story, but somehow I find it hard to get pumped about a superhero - or vigilante, as he may be - when his primary antagonists thus far are a pack of obnoxious children with obsessive destruction disorder and a sleazy, semi-omniscient police chief - although the latter feels more like he could become a viable villain, given time. I read into your blog posts, which explains why you chose the subject matter you did, the children being a personal trial in your own life, and I suppose not being able to beat on them back then was probably frustrating enough to publish your imagined punishment online in story form. It's always been said that if you want to write about something, then its best to write about something you know, so I guess you have that running for you. But somehow its just hard to wrap my mind around the idea that a strong, masculine figure packing the hardware to make Jesus Christ himself have second thoughts about trying to convert him is spending his time chasing children off his lawn when he is more than likely capable of so much more. It's like as if Superman were spending his days regulating traffic and saving kittens from trees rather than stopping meteors and supervillains from mucking up the whole place - not that he doesn't do the former two options, he just does more of the latter two on screen. However, I will give you this. The Landscaper is still a young entity swimming about the sewage pipes that is the internet, and in my opinion is border-lining being one of the few gold nuggets amongst loads of electronic sludge floating around between the collective septic tanks with glowing rectangles attached (pardon the sewage metaphor if you will). All your character really needs are a few more colourful faces with varying motives running around wishing him bodily harm on a daily basis, and I think you've got yourself a decent vigilante.
  19. chris
    Hey Mr.A - first off, Awesome feedback! I completely agree with the fact that Dan's initial creation was based on Caleb's youth gangs - basically formed out frustration of both the act alone of he and Brian getting their asses handed to him, as well as the lack of response from North's side of the fence. Not to mention of course North's hand in all this..Damn you, North! I too sit back and think, the idea of this guy chasing down "children", (although with some of the things they cause it's hard to call them that) is a bit silly, when he could be using his skills per se to better use. Keep in mind, this is only the first two issues, which ties up this particular story arc. For me, I feel like I've gotten out some of my internal demons from the events that spawned the comic in the first place. It would be silly to keep the same story of him defending Karillion from youth gangs as the main focus, as it doesn't really give us much to work with. I feel against the right aggressor, Dan wouldn't need to hold back, and could develop some really creative weapons. Although he's probably going to need to hone his skills better, as Caleb and crew pretty much owned him for three or four pages. Issue #3 we'll be dealing with a little more character development of the current characters, as well as introducing some new things into the mix. Like you said, Dan is still very young in this new vigilante world of his, and not really sure of what his true capabilities are at this stage - but you have to remember, Dan really didn't want to become this in the first place. He's a bit irrational when it comes to - well let's say most things, but due to his non rational thinking, he might have stumble onto what this city, and probably Dan himself really needs. Dan can finally get out of his apartment once and while and interact with individuals other then his cat, as well as giving Karillion a fighting chance against North's corruption. Daniel is a big talker like most vigilantes, but then easily retreats back and doesn't really want to back up what he says. However - I think Dan is learning more and more that he doesn't have a choice anymore. Those two seconds are up for him. He now has to accept what he has created and learn how to live with this other persona inside of him. Although personally branding himself was a bit short sighted, as he'll never be able to go to the beach again - not like it's ever really a nice day in Karillion... so maybe it doesn't matter so much. So I feel once he falls to the whim of the Landscaper, and stops this internal battle - you might see him evolve into what I and hopefully most of our readers would like to see him become. We've done a lot of brainstorming with issue 3 to see what things we can bring to the table - for both Dan and the other cast of characters, so please continue to read on - and sending us great feedback. We too are all pretty new to this comic book world, so as we learn more - the story and characters will benefit from it. Thanks again Mr. A - hope to hear from you again soon. Ps. loved the metaphors, they were spot on in my book. Hopefully in time we can achieve the "gold nugget" status and free our selves from the all encompassing sludge pipe of the web :) Oh just a thought...if you have any ideas of things you would like to see (ie. potential villains, new characters, story arcs, weapons ect.) in this comic, send it through. It's always great to hear from readers what they would like to see in future issues. cheers, c-
  20. Mr. A
    Ah, if you are looking for a means for potential feedback, then what better to create than a forum? There are all sorts of precautions to be taken to prevent automated ad-machines from filling it with spam, and then there is always the chance that the unimaginative and dull might insult or speak ill of you or your comic. But such a place will provide you with a constant and unchanging page with which to check up on feedback, as well as for the chance to develop an internet community around your comic. It's better, than say, sifting through the various pages to look for comments like loose change between the sofa cushions. As for my feedback, thank you for taking it to heart. I was torn between submitting it, as there a good many artists who love their work to the point that they will defend their reasoning to the death - keeping a closed ear to the masses. There also was the un-remissable fact that I felt my words were probably unkind in some way. In any case, keep up your resilient crusade against the forces of youth and corrupt law enforcement - you definitely have earned yourself yet one more reader.
  21. Iskandar
    Hi Mr. A, I would also like to express my thanks to you and the others that have commented here in regards to the Landscaper, the feedback is just another facet to this awesome learning curve that the creative team is taking in making this comic. Rest assured, we are always open to hear what readers have to say about our work, irrespective of the content of their message, its invigorating to think people are reading our ideas and talking about them. Obviously if it was a hate post with a ridiculous amount of curse words, we'd be less inclined to ... take it on board as it were :P In response to your suggestion to a forum, stay tuned my friend! Not only do we have some wonderful ideas boiling in the writer's melting pot, but we're looking at developing a new look for the website, a forum is definitely one of the new features we have discussed. We had originally set up a "clicdev / invisionfree" forum, but decided that one we built ourselves would give us more freedom. Keep checking in. Chris is on a break at the moment, he's back in America taking some much needed time off. I'm currently writing dialogue for issue #3, around all the ideas we bashed out at our last creative meet with the whole crew. Its an exciting world to be in! Thanks so much for your support and interest, I only hope we can keep you intrigued. Isk.
  22. Htims
    well since you want some suggestions/requests I was thinking maybe a villain with well a more Bond villain feel. Like a sophisticated villain, maybe someone from the mob?
  23. chris
    Hey Htims, I completely agree with you. Who knows, you might just see a villain of that caliber sooner than you think. Thanks for the the feedback, much appreciated. c-
  24. Sam152
    I think North was of a pretty high caliber. He had (has?) lots of power and was pretty tough. Even though he was officially part of the force he wasn't afraid of breaking morals and rules.