The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. FireFrenzy
    And dust to dust
  2. chris
    Well, of course there's that too.
  3. Wessick
    Has been awhile since I stopped in... true, the conversations ain't what they used to be. Miss you guys though. I do find it odd that the wife is the only one smiling in that picture? How happy is that marriage eh?
  4. InsiDoubt
    I enjoy this series greatly. It's the little internet gem I enjoy every time I read it. You've done a wonderful job, I'd stop by a lot more often, but I like to read large sections at once. Keep up the good work!
  5. chris
    Definitely been too long Wessick! Great to hear from you again. Like we've said ups and downs. I'm sure we'll be back to our old ways soon enough - or even better new ways. Indeed about the only smile in the room. Perhaps cracks are in more than just the glass.
  6. chris
    That's fantastic to hear InsiDoubt. We hope to continue to keep that gem shiny for years to come. I have a feeling that many readers like to partake in a catch up on multiple pages style of reading - actually it's a pretty good way to ingest the Scaper goodness. We will continue the good works as long as we can continue to bring the joy, pain and fire. Thanks again for your support of the comic, it's been very much appreciated.
  7. Grovers
    still recon its the rabbit. look at him all smug like. coincidence the bags the only thing not burn...