The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. FireFrenzy
    Eeehm dude, your head's on fire... Not trying to cause a fuss or nothin' but you might wanna get that looked at...
  2. chris
    I know man. Dont'cha just hate when that happens. Really ruins a weekend :p
  3. Beepboop
    Okay seriously....I need to find a way to tell more people about your comic, because it's killing me you aren't more popular! We shall get the word! Don't Fuck with the Landscaper!
  4. chris
    Thanks Beepboop! We can't tell you enough how much we appreciate your support of the comic. It's great to hear you hold the LS comic in such high regards ... we are honored. We're happy as long as people are enjoying the ride. Whether we're popular or not was never really the mission statement - give the people who do find us a nice little escape from reality and a little entertainment for their time. In the end, we'll always be around - so if more people find us and enjoy the ride 6 issues in, that's cool. We'll always have the archive of back issues for new readers to hammer through to catch up. Absolutely, spread the word to those you think will enjoy it. Hopefully in the future our popularity will increase and more folks with know the Scaper ;) For now, we're happy with the loyal few who join us on this journey each couple of weeks. So a big THANKS for sticking with us! Hopefully we can continue to supply the fire and wrath you've all come to enjoy with the series. This is a our promise - to new and old readers! Oh, and yes ... best not to fuck with him. He can be so moody ;) Thanks again! c-