The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. chris
    Yeah, that's nice Lydia! You can be quite now. Shit just got real!
  2. Stuntnuts
    Oh Lydia... I got a bad feeling about your Choice of words...
  3. chris
    Haha, I couldn't agree with you more Stuntnuts!
    I am NOOOOKPTCHA's dad. He died last year. He wanted me to comment on everything he visited to and tell them the news. Sorry it took so long, he goes on the internet a lot. This is the last you will hear of us. He loves you all.
  5. stuntnuts
    Love the Harbringers logo design! But what is Lydia hiding? She knows something...
  6. chris
    I am so sorry for your loss. I really enjoyed speaking with him on these comment boards. He was a big supporter of this comic, and will be remembered for the discussions we had. Again very sorry to hear this news. He will be deeply missed. Chris-
  7. chris
    I too really dig the logo as well stuntnuts :) They seem to have this theme of birds of prey thing going on. Nothing good can ever come of such things. As for Lydia - yeah, I agree. Never quite sure how to take her. To be honest most of the fine ladies in this comic seem to have more to them than their letting on. Curse you mysterious women. Of course we wouldn't want it any other way ;)
  8. FireFrenzy
    Looking good bro! Dont quite get the wing looking thing on the big cheeses' bike but still awesome;)
  9. Stuntnuts
    Fire frenzy are you referring to the wheel arch? If so its an eagles face... The wheel arch being its beak
  10. chris
    Yup that's spot on Stuntnuts! Thanks Frenz: The front end of the bikes resemble the winged mark of the Harbingers emblem and vice versa. Eagle or some type of bird of prey. the front face is the head with the beak arcing around the front wheel. If you look at the logo on LK's jacket and then the front end of the bike you'll see it more clearly. It will all start to make more sense in the next few pages. You know us ;) Now tell me - who doesn't want a Harbingers jacket? I do!
  11. stuntnuts
    Ooo Me Me Me... but there might be a conflict of interest with the LS shirt underneath...
  12. chris
    Haha! Blades on the front Wings on the back sounds like a good combo to me - but I hear what you're saying with the conflicting loyalty issue. Maybe just an orange hoodie instead.