The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. FireFrenzy
    Hey you guys notice we are on top of thewebcomiclist's list? we're now over things like Ctrl-Alt-Del and simular texts of awesome;P I love being on the team at times:) YAY now all i need to wait is fro steps 4)... And 5) Profit&bitches to kick in:)
  2. chris
    Haha! Well done to you Sir! The last two requests are in the mail! Congrats to Q-Div and all Scapers at the table!
  3. Sam152
    Those thugs are a little beyond some kids in a playground.
  4. chris
    The evolution has begun!
  5. damastech
    dan will either have to feed the skaper, or man the fuck up and eat his own fist as it launches whatever he rigs to it. Fingers into bike spokes, chain or femur in the forks