The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Grovers
    is this foreshadowing that the gang is been lead behind the scenes by a notorious bunny.
  2. chris
    You know me ;)
  3. Karen
    *Does a spit take at the store name* WHAT THE--!?
  4. chris
    Haha - glad you noticed Miss Karen. It's just beginning of our little "thank you" to the readers for their support of the comic over the years. The next couple of pages will be dedicated to you all. What better place than Karen's Books & Collectables. Also, apparently the headquarters of the evil bunny which runs the Harbingers...but this is just speculation at this stage ;)
  5. Karen
    Thanks, man, keep up the great work on the comic! :D
  6. chris
    Thanks Karen - will do!
  7. FireFrenzy
    Suppose Q-Div is crew now... Makes sense to get the "guests" get their moment in the sun first;)
  8. chris
    It's a big book store Frenz - Q-Div included ;)
  9. Wessick
    So the old landscaper.... and our Landscaper have history... at least that is how it seems. Interesting.
  10. chris
    Hey wessick! Keep in mind - Dan began his crusade many moons ago because of the misguided advice of a tv personality who happens to help would be land owners to improve their space. He likes to use the mantra Only you can make the difference or the all familiar You can't wait around for someone else to do it for you. After the encounter in the second issue - it was this voice which summed up Danny's current situation in a all too painful way. So - Jimmy doesn't know he has a history with our LS but perhaps he soon will.