The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Ruxton
    Wait, did I just enter a time machine? I could've swore it was Wednesday today ;)
  2. chris
    Well I've always said if the page is finished a head a time I'm not going to sit on it. I feel bad enough as it is that I've had to extend the posting schedule to a fort. And yes we've achieved 88 mph....Do you want me to bring you back anything?
  3. FireFrenzy
    /me hums "Am I evil?" by Metallica For those of you that dont know there is a line in the chorus going. "Am I Evil? Yes I am, Am I Evil? I am man, yes i am" Very nice looking art, Say could that first pic be enlarged to something like 16:10? or maybe even 32:10 with the art on the left monitor? Nice huge resolution?!
  4. chris
    Haha! That's awesome Frenz I think that's a pretty good anthem for this particular page. Enjoy to all Am I Evil. As for the large epic increased resolution I'm sure I can assist you in such things 32:10 it is. So when you say first pic, do you mean the full top section of Scaper laying waste to ol' Jimmy in classic fashion? Also do you want just the art - or - art with lettering IE THWACK to your face?