The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. chris
    Hazza! It's like "ScaperWeek" all over again. Enjoy!
  2. Wessick
    Nothing like disapearing, and coming back to the see one of my favorite webcomics in perfect form. Good to see your work as good as always Chris. Looks like the darkness within remains as strong as ever.
  3. chris
    Thanks Wessick, it's like welcoming a good friend back to the table. Yeah, it's been too long - but we're back. I felt like something was missing on our little break between issue 3-4, but I feel more complete now. It does appear that Scaper didn't take to kindly to Danny's little burning/cleansing ceremony at the end of Reflections. With or without the mask, it looks like he's stuck with the embers for the time being. It seems Scaper has future plans...with or without Dan. Welcome back!
  4. Wessick
    Yeah, missed all you guys. Lost job, found new job, was in San Diego for a bit... but now back. Not as wild a ride as Dan... but still a heck of a run.
  5. FireFrenzy
    Dude's got one F'ed up subcontious! I would like to point out that the following items were not tested on lab mice, Burnination, nailguns, flame, and brands. The top gear shirts were tested but found not to fit:)
  6. FireFrenzy
    Dude's got one seriously messed up subcontious... Remind me not to go all inception on the guy... The mad mice would like to point out that the following items were not tested on animals: Fire, Brands, Hard alcohol and nail guns. The following items WERE tested on animals, Official landscaper t-shirts, they were found not to fit:)
  7. FireFrenzy
    Huh new comments on the top?! sorry for the whole double posting thing, i was looking on the bottom,
  8. chris
    Yeah Frenz the newest comments are now on top. Agreed, his mind should probably stay untapped for quite sometime.
  9. Karen
    Oohoo, nice dream sequence! 'Specially panel 4! :D
  10. chris
    Thanks Karen! Yeah this was fun one for me too. The opportunity to play a little Deja Vu with the end of Issue #1, was nice tie back to the ideology of the character. Plus, it's nice to see a little into the mind of a character we've watched disintegrate mentally for sometime now. Yeah panel four is one of favs as well. It's nice to see that's Scaper's philosophy is go big or go home. To use an exaggerated version of the original brand, just adds icing to an already pretty disturbing cake. It's good to see that Danny could rest in peace, esp after all that's transpired in the Reflections issue. Warm milk anyone? ;)