The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. FireFrenzy
  2. FireFrenzy
    Hey it eated my comment, so here's again: FOR GREAT JUSTICE! Also First! And now secodn!
  3. chris
    HAZZA! Well done on your first and second claim to the throne. Hey what happened to your avatar. Are you using a different email addy. I miss the mighty Pinky!
  4. Grovers
    i cant find a way to see any characters in here as nice people. i think Jim's cardboard cutout get the most points for provoking the landscaper. still waving and smiling goodbye in the final panel.
  5. chris
    I think the idea is: Everyone is a shade of grey Grovers. Good - Bad's all perception. Every character has a particular persona at this stage, but like I said grey...time will show colors. I too enjoy the last panel - Seems the Jimmyboard get's the last laugh :)
  6. Wessick
    When the strength within us is not enough, when the demon takes over and we feel powerless. We lash out, trying to feel the power that has been taken from us, to rage in a storm we cannot control. The demon... or those who tried to help us, whom do we hurt? And as the rage fades into sorrow and shame... the demon laughs all the louder. And his power grows... ********************************************************************************* Loved the page... so much rage.
  7. damastech
    take a few napkins, wad them up tight in hollow bell, light a scrap in the middle and walk away.
  8. chris
    Haha! Epic walk away explosion scene commences...
  9. chris
    That's an awesome breakdown Wessick- very well put. There definitely seems to be a struggle taking place... It doesn't help when every corner you turn you're reminded of how little control you truly have on anything. Between North, Sean, Lydia, and Jimmy... a snap is in the cards - and we haven't even come across the Harbingers yet. Geesh!