The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. FireFrenzy
    They do NOT know who they are fucking with:)
  2. Ruxton
    Or do they?
  3. LupisReapyr
    The look he gives that biker is priceless. I sense epicness ahead.
  4. Curious
    And here...we...go!
  5. wessick
    Now... now... simmer down Dan. These are not some horde of street punks. You need to level up a little more... maybe gain some willpower. Then, go and see your enemies driven before you. Or not... at least put the gear on first.
  6. chris
    Great to see you all on the boards again!

    Isn't that always the way. You really don't know the person on the other end. What they've been through. Sometimes it's better to not assume...or expect a backlash not expected.

    Haha - no fair! All things are possible... Still good to finally get to these pages!

    Welcome back! I think the events of the morning have helped aid that particular look. I wouldn't want to be the one at the end of it. Of course Artu doesn't seem too phased by it ... although he doesn't know what comes after such a look. Epicness shall follow.

    Welcome! Indeed we do - and it's about bloody time, if you ask me! I've personally been waiting for these particular pages to get here. I heard H. Ledger's Joker in my head when I read your hopefully that was your intention. It was a good voice in my head!

    Agreed. Hopefully Danny has learned his lesson about letting the rage take the wheel. He doesn't really know what he's dealing with. I'm sure deep down he knows it's not Caleb and crew, but like Ty - the last couple of days possibly have altered a person already altered. As for his gear; Once again, like in issue 2, Dan hasn't thought through his final actions. Unfortunately, in some act of defying the Scaper, he destroyed all his original gear. Which means only one thing. A refresh ;) Leveling up is a good idea, although at this stage, Dan doesn't really know their intentions. No need to ramp up the vigilante angle just yet. Protection of the family is different animal altogether. Let the games begin!