The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. chris
    Ahhh! It's so good to have our old friend back!
  2. Ruxton
    I cant believe it's 26 pages and we're only just getting here. shits about to get real!
  3. Roy
    For some reason, I see Dan catching that Molotov in midair and hucking it right back out the window it came in.
  4. Curious
    And heeere. We. Go!
  5. Wessick
    Ya know... Maybe I am just assuming a bit much here. But I have the feeling that L.K. and Dean would have a lot in common. An abberant sense of honor, sure... it would not fit what anyone would call "good", but he has his standards. Something tells me that this little incident will not be considered acceptable. Artu seems to be taking liberties with the idea of punishment.
  6. Grovers
    i just recon that bunny on the couch is smiling... bastard. curious as to what the bottle was though (looks like alot of effort went into detailing that bottle)
  7. chris
    I know crazy hey. But, we have to let the story go where it wants to. Believe me, it was as built up for me as it probably was for our readers. I can't wait to get to these pages - after all, all this sun and stuff is driving me nuts. Again, good to have our old friend back.

    Haha so true. Especially with that second to last panel. It completely looks like he's going to make that classic ninja grab and return the bottle back without even lifting his head from the lower position. How epic that would be. Of course knowing Dan's luck as of late. The bottle would shatter in his hand ignite his person and the gift from Karen's books into flames. Resulting in Dan himself being the stain needing to be removed. Not a fitting end to our anti hero. So I'll stick to your original suggestion of epic bottle return glory.

    Yes! This time we're soooo close to "going" it's ridiculous...maybe one more "here" and then we're off. I promise! But the "here" will be so worth it!...and then we GO!

    Ahhh. Very interesting, and I can totally see how you make that connection. It's odd that you say Dean and LK and not Dean and Artu. If we go back and look at the results of both - It was Dean that wanted to up the stakes in Karillion, even though Caleb said for the group to lay low. It was also Dean who played the leader card when Caleb was in side, possibly not continuing the Untouchable agenda in a the same way Caleb would have continued. LK seems to have his own code which he believes is received by the rest of the Harbingers. Even with the code of the left hand mark of loyalty - agendas always have their way of be altered based on personal issues. It seems Artu doesn't really like Sean from a personal stand point, and is using his proposed form of applied penalty to express his dislike. Very similar to how Dean's revenge against the LS was more personal due to his new make over facial additions. SO in a way - both is true. I do agree, this is definitely not going to be acceptable by all members of the Harbingers. As always, a great examination of our cast of characters.

    Haha it's always about the evil bunny isn't it. I would agree...I do see a bit of smirk sitting on that bunnies face, even from here. As for the bottle. Come on now! Artu did say it was the "good bottle" so we've got to put a little more effort into the look. Possible a whiskey and the good burning kind. Apparently. Like Dean said in issue 3 - ("what a waste of perfectly good alcohol." I'm sure Dan will redeem such things.
  8. Karen
    Oh boy, here we go again! (Sorry for the lack of commenting. Been up to stuff.)
  9. chris
    Hey! Great to see you back on the boards :) No worries in the delay... life and stuff always comes first. We're always here when you're ready to return for more! "Here we go again" indeed!