The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Ruxton
    One could say "I'm firsty"
  2. chris
    One could...
  3. Bishonencam
    But probably shouldn't.
  4. FireFrenzy
    Hey look its a new face! also Guess Dan is going to need a new face... Not alot left of the old one if he keeps this rate of beat down up...
  5. chris
    Hey Frez! New issue, new town, new faces. Agreed, Dan has definitely seen better face days. I'm thinking probably pages 1-2 of issue #1 that's about it really - then, it was pretty much down hill from there in terms of face. Ah the joys of vigilantism ... face armor anyone?
  6. Wessick
    All I can say is, it is a good thing Dan does not wake up swinging... or Mr. Smug there would have had to get a new face himself.
  7. Karen
    I must say that who ever is willing to board a man in Dan's condition either has serious balls or is a saint.
  8. chris
    Haha - that's so true. I guess in this particular nightmare, Dan awoke with fear in his eyes and not rage. I suppose this could have gone either way, but I can't remember my own reaction from having both hands nailed to a porch and being horribly branded by my darker half. I wonder what Freud would make of this. Probably some unresolved issues with his mother no doubt. ;) But yes, Mr. Smug face should be counting his blessings as well as his teeth - that our Danny Boy is not a violent waker.

    Of course, there are particular types of people who are both these things. We define them by a different over arcing title. Balls & Sainthood, and the willingness to shelter you in any condition...what could it be?
  9. FireFrenzy
    Hey i did design you some of that;P even built in some moderate fumes protection... You just need to pony up and implement my ideas;)
  10. chris
    There's a time and place for everything Frenz. That statement was initially intended to be an inside joke to those who knows things. Apparently, it was a bit too inside.
  11. InsiDoubt
    What timezone are you on? Because according to the site, you uploaded this... 3 hours from now
  12. chris
    Haha Australian time. I'm from the future - I've returned to your time to post a comic pg. Yes, I'm that lame.
  13. Ruxton
    Comment system should stop this annoying idiotface spamheads now.
  14. chris
    Rux: The true Landscaper of comment spamheads!!
  15. FireFrenzy
    I think you'll find that last statement somewhat contrived...