The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Wessick
    Ah, I see the family resemblance now. Took awhile. ;p
  2. FireFrenzy
    Push a man into a corner hard enough, and then shit will be going down...
  3. chris
    Ah now you see it Wessick. Agreed too long on it's arrival. Of course, like Danny, everyone has that point where they snap. Apparently Sean's is if you speak ill of his wife. I mean he called her pretty, at least he complemented her. Either way, not a good idea to involve the family. I mean, haven't you done that enough already by pissing off both Carpenters. I have a feeling the Harbingers I not use to a push back of rent collection of this caliber. Maybe it's true. It only takes one action to change the course of a fear driven campaign. I can't wait to see the look on LK's face when these particular birds return to the nest. That is of course, if their wings aren't broken. Seems the Scaper may in fact reside in rage - that can't be good for the rest of our cast. Hopefully there's a vaccine to counter act such things.....or hopefully not. We shall see..... dot dot dot.
  4. chris
    I have a feeling this particular emotional state has been brewing in our writer for sometime now Frenzy my good man. Perhaps he's channeled these emotions into the characters and story arcs of his Pendulum novels to help suppress the beast within. (Hmmmm, where have I heard that before?) Unfortunately, his little brother also has found a way to channel these emotions in the form of brutality to the face. Not the best role model, but hey,. you can't just sit back and allow these types of things to happen...after all, he is a "irresponsible family man." I have a feeling at this stage the acid is doing stingy things to the eyes, nose and throat...well if a man can't see/breathe/smell he can't fight. Unfortunately, Scaper's not really into honor and justice and a fair crack to the head. Oh wait, that's fortunately...yeah I meant to say that one. They seem to be picking these birds off one by one...come on it can't be that easy....can it? ACID FTW!!! Maybe...
  5. Karen
    "Wrong move, motherfucker."
  6. chris
    Haha Well said Karen...well said!! I'd say our little brother is more than mentor than Sean would like to admit. However, I'm sure it feels pretty good to man-up when backed in a corner. Not quite at point of no return, but we're getting there...