The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Karen
    Madness: It runs in the family. Aaand once the adrenaline wears off, there will doubtlessly be yelling of how this was a stupid idea, go away, we were fine until you got here, aaaaand "I couldn't let you get your ass kicked" "don't be such a fucking pussy" and "all or nothing, looser" type of dialogue. Either way, there's gonna be a war with the bikers and the wife is gonna be PISSED. I mean, isn't the house still on fire!? Or the lawn?
  2. chris
    Ahh yes Karen - sometimes these things can run in the family. Of course based on actions, we're not quite to the level of Scaper madness as of yet. Sometimes it only takes the right catalyst to bring out a little hostility towards those who want to instill fear. Once they brought the family into the mix...esp his wife. Of course you don't have to be a Carpenter to gather a little Scaper rage. Let's not forget Tyler presented a little red eye before is venture in the reflection of the his staple gun. Could be something more to Scaper than we first thought. Very good point you make there. The wife is definitely not going to be pleased with the situation - or perhaps this could be the means to an end. We don't quite know her personal dealings with the Harbingers. This could be considered a true act of protecting what's important. With this, she may look upon him with new eyes. Regardless of what Dan thinks, a portrait of a family is only a snap shot of a person's life. Hmmmm...where have we seen that before. Things might not always be a perfect as the one looking at the snap shot might be led to believe. Either way, the other good point you make is...shit - yeah, the house is still on fire. Good thing this particular room that is burning seem to be more modern. Basically in the sense that there were no drapes, nothing really made of wood or flammable materials. Other than the couch there shouldn't be too much to ignite the rest of the house. To be completely honest, I'd say - that room could have used with a little redecorating :) But would be best to wrap this beating up and get back to the house whenever possible. Also, much agreed. It looks like war with the Harbingers has been initiated. As for possible repercussions due to this event in the form of possible dialog between the Carpenters. Well, you know, we might still be able to surprise you after all - or not.. but yes, Sean's wife might definitely be pissed....that's a good call.... hehe ;)