The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. chris
    Ahhh family!
  2. ADMIN
  3. Wessick
    Like a man come back from war... so much PTSD it is not even funny.
  4. FireFrenzy
    I am on a first post losing streak,,, It's not fair when the authors get to play:) PTSD the gift that keeps on giving!
  5. Karen
    Brother? I see the resemblance. Hey, maybe bad assery runs in the family! :D
  6. chris
    How true is that. Like war, there never seems to be a resolution. Cause in the end, even if you succeed you still lose. Dan is starting to recall images from a few nights ago, primarily through the hazy eyes of a spectator. The question that remains is; what simple tasks of a normal life will trigger a return to that fateful night? Of course, we all know Dan wasn't a picture of health mentally to begin with, but now, perhaps the cracks are truly beginning to show. Dan must have realized by now, that the death of one of the white eyes could have taken place at anytime during any of the numerous battles in the 3 issues prior. I believe, it was Dean's final condition, which now leaves a place to ask the question - What has he become? I think PTSD, sadly to say, is the least of his worries.

    Sorry man - perks of the admin title I supposed. Either way - first - second and third don't really matter - as latest comments are now on top, so to be first means, technically you'll be last on the comments chain. Out of all the comments that should be last on the board, I would say mine would be a the appropriate one. So think of it as a win in the comment positioning discussion. Agreed man, tis a wonderful gift.

    Ahh yes, brother it seems. Yeah, I too can see a bit of a family resemblance. He appears older, wiser and with less physical damage to his person. Also, looks like he's done well for himself - just based on comparisons of kitchen attire. Could "bad assery" be a Carpenter family trait?...only time will tell. At this stage, it seems Sean isn't exactly too thrilled to have this little family reunion, esp in his own home. Like all family, there must be some "baggage" to go along with the accommodations. The ride has officially begun. Strap in!
  7. chris
    Where's the fire?