The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. FireFrenzy
    Fuck that guy. he's a dick!
  2. chris
    Did you know him too? He really was a dick!
  3. Wessick
    Get a little deeper understanding of the brothers in a way here. Where they came from, and what brought them to this. Danny does have that subtlety problem. Tough to go around with injuries and everything... and not have someone ask "Hey, that guy could just be..." Love how the way they talk is so natural... honestly Danny responding with "Another couple inches" yeah... I could see me saying that in the same way.
  4. chris
    I couldn't agree more Wessick. A little different from our previous conversations so many pages ago. The big brother scolding an injured Danny as he looks down at his reflection in a cup coffee. There's a little more confidence in his voice. A little more confidence in his stance. He's not afraid to look his brother in the eyes. War will do wonders for a family bond. For the first time, Dan has done something kind of heroic. He didn't bring this with him. The Harbingers were here even before he arrived in Kendelwood. Either way, this event was going to take place. Dan didn't go out looking for this one, but his brother is pretty grateful he came. In an odd way, it's almost meant to be. If Dan didn't show up at the house that night, Marrie and his son would still be home the next morning when the collection came. Sean still wasn't going to have rent ready, and this might have ended differently. I think Dan's starting to see that he might not be the outcast, monster that everyone believes him to be. It took some time, but the boots are beginning to fit a little better.

    Yeah, I love that two inches line as well. Again, Dan is simply putting across the point, that it's not so black and white when there's two people squaring off with sharp objects. Sometimes it's one of those kill or be killed. things. I feel Sean first hand understands that now. If he rage swung that climbing ax just a little more to the right, he'd be explaining the deceased body in his driveway to his wife, and not so much the scorched drapes. It's not always easy to pull punches in these situations. I think with that one statement, Dan also is beginning to realize - this is a dangerous world he's in. Even through the death of Dean wasn't quite a self defense scenario - these things can't always end with a hand shake and understanding. I have a feeling Dan is beginning to accept the grey that he's now apart of. I like the fact he hasn't really admitted or denied the idea of him being the Landscaper. However, family knows you better than anyone.Also, a little more insight into the upbringing of the Carpenter boys. It seems they at least agree on one aspect of their family tree. The journey continues for our .... well for Dan. Oh the ride we still have in front of us... It's gonna be good!
  5. Beepboop
    If this comic issue is this intense, I can't wait to see what #5 Has in store.... Oh man, I just got chills.
  6. chris
    That's awesome to hear Beepboop! Hopefully, we can continue the intensity throughout. Hmmm issue #5. Well then, we'll just have to wait and see. Ohh. I think I got chills as well.