The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Ruxton
    "That's what I'm afraid of" *GUITAR SLIDE* *big power chord riffs* IT'S ORN!
  2. Wessick
    Understatement of the year. While our Scaper has gotten some experience though... don't think he will have the element of surprise anymore, or his gear. Good thing though, is his opponents seem like they are about to implode a little. You can see the guilt, especially as he is remembering the last words of his first "victim". You express the deeper emotions very well... always thought so. Now about those Scaper Tees... who does a man have to take out with a flaming nail gun to acquire one? Or in my case two.
  3. Karen
    I eagerly await the brother getting in on the action. (Sorry about lack of commenting, stuff.) And on a technical note; what's the texture you used for the "Please! Not like this!" speech bubble? It's very pretty.
  4. chris
    Awww yeah Rux. It's ORN!
  5. chris
    It will definitely be more of a challenge from the Scaper side, that's for sure Wessick. Not quite the same element of surprise from those days back at the Bleaker house. The days of chasing kids off the lawn are done....well for now anyway. The days of having to man the fuck up and deal with your shit is here. True the feathers are a bit ruffled, just by the act of pushing back. Could either go in his favor - or intensify the situation even more. Seems choices are being made on both side....but every choice his it's own...blah blah you know the rest.

    As for the guilt. Yeah, I like to make sure Dan remembers how it really ended. He keeps trying to find the balance with himself or to accept the fact Dean was killed in self defense - or- a last effort final blow. He was unarmed, injured and pretty much done. Scaper wanted to send a message to the rest of Karillon. Hanging and gutting Dean when he was clearly finished is something Dan will have to deal with for the rest of his life. Of course you can't justify it by blaming it on a voice in your head you've created in the first place. If he continues to convince himself that it was him or Dean - he might be able to live with the choice. However these things have a way of seeping into reality. Sooner or later you have stare at yourself in the mirror - and we all know what that means.

    Ahhh Scaper tees you ask. Well I didn't get any more made up as there wasn't an initial interest when I put the call out before Supanova. However, I've been in talks with a printer who's given me a per shirt cost and no limit on run. Basically this means, I can do a run either large or small. So if it's something you're interested in. i can chase up the cost and see if we can run up a couple for the Mighty Wessick. I shall add to my to do list :D
  6. chris
    Hey Karen! Well there's always a chance Sean can get in on the action in different capacities. Now that Dan's gained his respect and understanding, Danny might have a source to turn to when needed. We've seen Sean can handle his business with a rage swing if pushed, but as a family man - it would be pretty irrisponisble to take on the mantel of vigilante side kick this early in the game. Besides, Dan has enough people in his head at the moment.

    No worries on the commenting. Great to see you back. We're always here - so either you come every couple weeks or catch up down the road... we'll be here.

    Technical question: That's cool you like the Dean speech bubble. It definitely pops among the moody tones of the page. It's pretty simple really. It's just a blue shape I made in photoshop. Then using the speckle brush ( I think the last one in brushes supplied by Photoshop. I burned the edges with the burn tool * the tool below the smudge tool on the tool bar* I just went back and forth until I achieved a degraded rough look I liked. Then put a dark drop shadow on the text to make it pop.

    That's about it really. Try it - it gives you a pretty cool effect. I do the same thing with Scaper thought boxes. Whenever Scaper is talking to Dan it's the red box with a heavily burned texture. Give it a shot, and good times will be had by all.
  7. Wessick
    Always happy to receive. Got a little one that would look awesome tagged for Landscaping work... and I am sure his mother would not be upset too much.
  8. FireFrenzy
    Am i the only one who hears the first bars to "we need a montage" right about now?
  9. chris
    We always need a montage. I'm sure at some stage the music will kick in....not just yet. CUE THE POWER CHORD of E!
  10. chris
    Absolutely Wessick! I'll look into it, and will let you know when I know :)