The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Curious
  2. chris
    Well said Curious ... well said!
  3. wessick
    Well, that escalated quickly. I've heard of having a devil inside... but this might be taking it a little to the extreme. Nice.
  4. FireFrenzy
    Okay Ouchies.... Extra Ouchies...
  5. chris
    Indeed it did Wessick. Perhaps Dan should have rethought his last few statements in his conversation with Scaper. It looks like he might not be in control of everything. Also, I guess with or without a face, it does make a difference. Definitely something inside that won't be going away so easy. He might need to rethink his dealings with is roommate from here on out.
  6. chris
    Ouchies indeed Frenz! Maybe shaving and cleaning up wasn't such a good idea after all. At least he won't have to worry about shaving for a little while anyway. Well, that is until his face heals - or grows back. Maybe this isn't a bad look for Dan. I'm sure he would get fear factor he's been looking for with his new cosplay. Good times.
  7. Raron
    Okay first of all awesomely illistrated. Love it. the little details really make this work. Secondly WOW.... man needs a hug.
  8. chris
    Hey thanks heaps Raron! Yeah, definitely had a lot of fun drawing this one. I've been waiting to do this page ever since we wrote it into the story. Haha, yeah the man could use a hug - or - more like an exorcist ;)
  9. Karen
    Took the wrong fucking pill, man! I thought he just had a little glass stuck under his eye, but holy fuck balls, man, that's gruesome! I love it. Keep it up.
  10. chris
    Haha! Wrong pill indeed Karen! I'm stoked that no one really saw this coming. It seems people just assumed it was a fragment of glass lodged in his eye (which based on previous events, is completely plausible.) It's nice to see I can still surprise you once in a while. Not since the death of Dean did I have you going one way and slingshot you back the other. Come to think of it, Scaper has that pendulum effect on these types of situations. You know I gotta keep ya on your toes. Gruesome is definitely what I was going for, so mission accomplished :D Like I said - he shouldn't have taunted Scaper with the line: "with or without the face you don't exist." Next time he might not be so bold. We'll definitely keep up the keeping :)