The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. FireFrenzy
    Soon the gearing up will start
  2. wessick
    "My Plan?" There is a pause, as the usual wicked smile breaks. "Oh Danny... Danny... Danny. I don't plan, you plan remember? I just make sure your plans are finished, in the most creative method possible." _______________At least that is what went through my mind as a knee-jerk response.
  3. chris
    Soon many things will start Frenz ;)
  4. chris
    Well said Wessick. It's like you're in Scaper's head. That could be a problem ;) I really think you nailed it with the line "Danny, I don't plan remember? I just make sure your plans are finished in the most creative way." That is so true. Scaper doesn't really plan anything he just does. Maybe that's the lesson he's trying to teach Dan. Sometimes plans don't really equal results. It's not black and white and easy solutions. Still seems to be some pulling on both sides of the Danny train. Apparently, Danny still doesn't quite know how to deal with Scaper. The battle rages on. For now.
  5. Karen
    *claps hands like retarded seal* Oh this is making me VERY excited for the following updates!
  6. chris
    Haha that's awesome Karen! Of course I couldn't see your power animal anything other than a bunny :) So I will imagine a bunny clapping their paws like a retarded seal instead. We too are retarded seal excited about upcoming events & updates! *continues clapping*
  7. Raron
    Anddd... it seems they may have reached a bit of an accord... a partnership.... This is a very very bad thing. For the bikers... and the remnants of Dan's sanity... but mostly the bikers.
  8. chris
    They've always seemed to have a rocky relationship Raron. However, based on the previous event of ripping your own face off, Dan has realized he might not be as in control as he first thought. So far Scaper seems to have the upper hand after killing Dean he's proved he can takeover when he wants. It might be a good idea to work with him at least until there's an opening to take back the wheel. Definitely a bad thing for the Harbingers, but then again, this partnership has never been a good business move on Dan's end either. Perhaps they'll find some common stomping ground.
  9. Beepboop
    I love it when a plan comes together.
  10. chris
    As do I Beepboop! It all depends on what that plan is, and how exactly that particular plan comes together. It appears they have decided to play 80's buddy cop for the time being. However, I wouldn't trust either one to play by the rules. I can't decide which is the good cop and which is the sociopath. Only time will tell. Brace yourselves Harbingers the cats are coming to the nest.