The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. chris
    This coffee has now been tainted with self doubt. You bastard Sean! Way to put a damper on a perfectly good morning. Let's see you take a bat to the face!
  2. Cam
    Extra! Extra! This just in!..... Dan stinks!
  3. chris
    Nice! Give the guy a break would'cha! He's had a rough week, ya know.
  4. FireFrenzy
    Crossref: manly man doing manly things! Because as we all know the punchline is machismo(.com)
  5. chris
    Haha - indeed it is Frenzy! ~
  6. damastech
    now a real brother would have also shouted about how "if there's a single bit of your pubes on my loofah, I will have to reassemble you with a meat grinder, I will fuck you up so bad" but then, he's already pretty fucked up
  7. chris
    Ahhh family! The only ones who could shout such things and get away with it. Of course with this family, the meat grinder penalty wouldn't be too far fetched.
  8. Damean
    38...88 good but not good enough
  9. chris
    Haha! Well spotted Damean! Serves me right for hand drawing numbers. Well with the magic of the online comic it has been restored to it's former glory. Until 38 rears it's ugly head once again. It's possible. But little did you know it was a test to see who could spot it first and understand it's meaning to the overall story arc of the...ahh fuck it - it was a mistake due to lazy's condition - no really look it up. Actually that's a lie too.