The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. FireFrenzy
    It is always skullface o clock:)
  2. Quonos
    Let the bodies hit the floor! Glad to see another update. Keep it at your pace my friend.
  3. chris
    Indeed it is Frenz! As the bodies should, Quonos. I will always try to get the updates more consistent. At the moment time is a a little tight, but I'll keep them coming. Can't very well leave it here ... it's just starting to get good.
  4. Flash
    is this going to be updated anytime soon? been a few months since the last update.
  5. chris
    Hey Flash. Yes it will be updated soon. Just got pretty busy after the comic convention, but I've been working on the pages each chance I get. Next update should be coming next week. Stay tuned - more Scaper ahead!