The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Necrophage
    Wow! One of your best pages yet! The panel with Daniel framed by the fire is magnificent! I've been told that drawing fire well is difficult, but you pulled it off nicely.
  2. FireFrenzy
    Yeah mini scaper is currently sitting on my desk:)
  3. Raron
    Do fear the scaper, like the wind and the rain and the trees we are all like they are...
  4. chris
    So great to hear you dug the page! I really enjoy drawing these types of scenes. Yeah, the panel of Danny silhouetted against the flames created the vibe I was looking for. A haunting reintroduction to Lucas's past and his not so wonderful relationship with fire. Yeah, drawing fire can be tricky. I've found depending on what type of fire you want to create, changes the complexity of how to draw it. The raging fire or (inferno) Has lots of colors, but still has a central hot zone which is really bright and as you move out the colors darken, but still stay in a similar family of colors and general direction. Then there's the snaking flames (which I like to draw quite a bit.) These are more organic and move about the panel. The explosion flames are similar to the inferno, where as you have one point of origin which radiates out in the same direction, creating a real sense of energy. Of course, this being The Landscaper comic, I'm sure there will be more to come in the way of the flame!

    Awesome man! I would definitely like to add it to my current desk of inspiration, so I'll will touch base with you soon to see how we could accommodate such a thing ;)

    Dude, I totally sung that as I read it! This alternate version would be a wonderful score to accompany Scaper in his current pursuits. And of course ... MORE COW BELL would be needed! ... and fire!