The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. FireFrenzy
    Wait green and red? DEM XMAS FEELZ! Wait This is the land scaper... XMAS is entirely optional...
  2. chris
    Indeed! Happy holidays from your friendly neighborhood Landscaper! I didn't realize at the time with the RED & GREEN Xmas tie in, but hey an additional bonus just for the FEELZ! ;)
  3. wessick
    Ah, those fond words come back. To imagine, that honestly they were only said maybe a few weeks ago in actual continuity. Dan may be realizing that he has allowed his darker side to take too much control. The use of colors and tone is always masterful
  4. Teharon
    I've been reading this comic from the beginning. I've read through the whole archives about 5 to 7 times. And it's only getting better and better (don't know how to plural awesome) from post to post. please keep up the good work! best comic on the net! And it speaks out of the dark parts of all our souls ^^
  5. chris
    Thanks Teharon! So awesome to hear you're enjoying the comic! We will definitely continue the work, as long as there is a story to tell. We all have those internal struggles between the light and dark inside us. This comic likes to explore that on a more viseral level. We hope to hear from you again as we continue fall down the flaming rabbit hole! Thanks again!
  6. Curious
    Well, doesn't Ol' Jimmy look plenty villainous. Seems The Landscaper isn't going to stick with just thugs and gangbangers. Seems like he'll be going after bigger prey with his appetite for destruction. Good to see you're back, reread issue 4 in one go to refresh myself!
  7. chris
    Indeed he does Curious! Or it's just Dan's mind set at the moment trying to recall those word amongst the chaos that is unfolding around him. There are two ways to look at that panel - Ominous undertone - or - guidance. Either way, this will be a major turning point for our - um.... hero? Definitely going to be some changes ahead both in terms of the character of the LS and his pursuit of bigger fish in the frying pan. And dem' good eaten! Good to be be back - and thanks for sticking around yourself! Always good to get a nice refresh to our lovey brand of chaos with a re-read! I do that a lot myself,  just to keep on top of the world of the LS and the direction we're heading. We'll talk again soon! And now ... On with the crazy!